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Salvin Chahal

Salvin Chahal is the next evolution in the tradition of storytelling through poetry. A tangible voice for Generation Y, Chahal’s talent and technique rhyme make him a relatable voice to crowds all over the world, specifically young people of color. Chahal is a championed slam poet, event producer and a published author currently documenting other poets of color as well as immigrant narratives.

An enthusiastic producer of multi-medium experiences, he has organized numerous sold out shows, launched online platforms and conducted workshops with the youth focused on constructive expression and deconstructing masculinity. As a community organizer he has supported the needs of his community by creating a safe space and creating solutions to a few of the issues in the community. His book, ‘Verses From Above’, a collection of poetry and workshops, reached #3 on Amazon’s Bestseller Asian American Poetry list landing him on stages from Stanford to SXSW.

As one of the only South Asian members in his community, Chahal battled identity issues and found the best method to research his roots and educate his peers about his culture was through slam poetry. Chahal's distinct delivery has allowed him to perform in front of thousands of crowds at major universities, conferences, and on international platforms which he has taken as a responsibility. His work is dedicated to sharing underrepresented stories, uniting people through art and providing tools/resources that are necessary for social change.