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Whose World is This: Documenting the Immigrant Experience - Huffington Post

The 23-year-old storyteller is curating the “Whose World is This: Documenting the Immigrant Experience” initiative, creating a platform which highlights immigrant experiences through art exhibitions, podcasts, video series, books and more.


6 South Asian Instagrammers You Should Be Following

@_salvinc For the optimist and poet in you, Salvin Chahal needs to be on your feed. Speaking out against mass incarceration, xenophobia, and hate crimes he writes groundbreaking poems. He also organizes and creates poetry workshops for young individuals and writers.


Poetic Moments - Best of the Best 2016(SN&R)

One of the most inspiring displays of local music and culture this year was at October’s young poets of color showcase at Sol Collective. Poet and author Salvin Chahal curated the event, which raised $1,500 and put Sol that much closer to owning the building it has been in for almost 11 years. With a strong focus on singing, creative beat-making and lyricism, voices like Takarra Lee Johnson, Luke Tailor, Deborah Armstrong, Issa Jackson and the Sac Area Youth Speaks slam team showed what it means to turn life experiences into art.


Art And Music Creators Find A Home At Sol Collective

Sol Life’s future looks bright. The label was launched with an official showcase at Austin’s SXSW festival and has been invited to do another showcase next year. Meanwhile, Sol Collective will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary with a series of events starting in May through September.


Sacramento Artists Unveil Co-Op Music Label At SXSW

Sol Life is housed at the Sol Collective, a community center focused on arts, culture and activism in Sacramento’s Broadway Corridor. The center has been home to a multitude of budding musicians for a decade. A few of these promising artists have come together in the past few years to create the Sol Life music collective. This year, they will launch what they call a “co-op music label" via an official SXSW showcase.