An unforgettable showcase I curated featuring some of the most powerful performance poets in Sacramento, Ca. This sold-out theatre style gathering was also celebrated as one of the best events in the city. More photos here and videos here

(P)oets (O)f (C)olor Showcase

While in high school, I was able to gain a global audience by combining my poetry with media. This attention at a young age allowed me to travel all over the world with my work and create a sustainable career. Many poets of color are often unable to have the material to advance in their career and the birth of this event was to highlight the stories by people of color to better understand the communities that surround us. This event alone provided attendees to affirm their experiences and learn about the narratives of others through exhilarating poetry. The poets were able to walk away with performing back to back sold out shows in front of hundreds of people and obtain the multimedia for the utilization of sharing their work with a growing fan base.

Produced Event. Curated Talent + Booked Media Services. Edited and Published Video + Audio. Developed Stage Production(Lighting, Music, Design). Created Marketing and PR Material(for the public + individualized media kits for performers).


Two sold out shows in one night brings together over 400 attendees each year for a theatre-style showcase of young poets of color from various states.


Celebrated as one of the best events in the city according to Sac News + Review.