Verses From Above

A collection of raw poetry + in-depth workshops

Verses From Above

A collection of raw poetry + in-depth workshops


The Book

Verses From Above includes poetry and workshops that will take the reader on an adventure through stories that reflect on the aspect of love, death, injustice, empowerment, community development and more. These verses will leave an individual researching various philosophies and theories that question life for the sole purpose of self development. If you are in need of a book that leads you to parts of yourself that your hands never knew existed, this is the book for you.

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The Workshops

Not only is this a collection of raw poetry, but this book is interactive. The last few pages include workshops that were developed in hopes to inspire the writer within all of us. This was done so you, the reader, can complete the book and call it your own. With this, your copy of the book will be different compared to every other version, it will be all yours. 

The Introduction

The introduction of the book is a story about a young man who finds his old collection of poetry which somehow turns into forrest within his bedroom the moment he attempts to throw it away. This introduction encompasses my thought process as I was developing Verses From Above. I channeled my past, the sweetest of memories and the most bitter thoughts I could not escape. and turned it into a collection. The introduction was developed into a light-inspired video. Click here or the image above to watch.